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Florida has made huge strides in the improvement of science education. This is reflected in the new Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. These Standards provide the focus and foundation for science teaching and learning in Florida. All components of curriculum, instruction, and assessment should be developed from the Standards. The new Science Standards are arranged within eighteen "Big Ideas" to allow for meaningful student learning progressions throughout grades K-12. Curriculum materials from It's About Time focus on those same Big Ideas throughout our curricula.

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Comprehensive Science 1
Comprehensive Science 2
Comprehensive Science 3
Life Science
Earth Science
Physical Science
National Science Foundation
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Active Chemistry
Active Physical Science
Active Physics
Investigating Astronomy
Investigations In
Environmental Science
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InterActions in Physical Science
PBIS Comprehensive Science 1
PBIS Comprehensive Science 2
PBIS Comprehensive Science 3
PBIS Earth Science
PBIS Life Science
PBIS Physical Science